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philogica’s joint venture with Tübitak to develop state of the art commission management software

Client: Tübitak Date: May 15, 2013 Category:

TEYDEB, Directorate of Technology and Innovation Funding Programs, supports research and technological development and innovation activities of our country’s private sector organizations, and thus the ability of the Turkish industry’s research and technology development, innovation culture and to contribute to increasing the competitiveness of the project-based support R & D activities.

philogica has teamed-up with TEYDEB since early 2012 in order to maximize its R&D potential and develop new innovative products. philogica currently has two projects being executed in parallel with support from TEYDEB:

1507: The purpose is to provide support for SMEs’ first five projects (2 with business partners) in order to increase their efficiency through research, technology development and innovation activities and encourage them to participate in products and services with higher value addition. philogica is developing a new commission management system within the scope of this incentive.

Commission Management Project Brief

philogica has been established to provide advanced technology solutions and consulting services for telecommunications and financial services companies. Our company who has R&D activities to develop special projects for these two sectors, is now targeting the companies in the telecommunications sector with this project which aims to develop a premium distribution system to improve the motivation of distribution channels.

In this context; current systems, which are mainly maintained manually using Excel files that do not allow commission distribution based on distributor performance or monitoring the effects of commission effects real-time, will be automated by developing new data-mining, segmentation and simulation methods.

Thus, the smart dealer commission management will be an optimized, self-updating innovative system that can calculate commissions, taking into consideration all the parameters, and demonstrate the effects of distributed commissions in real-time.

The output will be a seamless commission distribution model, transformed into a product that will improve the commission distribution methods of the companies in the industry thus maximizing revenue and dealer/customer satisfaction. philogica believes that especially the 3 GSM operators in Turkey will prefer this system to motivate their distribution channels.

In addition, this will increase our economic return on the project, market competitiveness and awareness of our company which will contribute to the potential development of new R & D projects.

This output will raise demand in Turkey and also in countries with market connections to Turkey. At the same time, by developing such a product that does not already exist in the market, philogica will be able to penetrate global markets with new products in the future, contributing to our national export revenue capacity. Our company’s R&D capability will add to our potential and improve internal efficiency as well. In addition, our customers will benefit from increasing revenues and business development opportunities by making their commission distribution mechanisms more systematic.

1501: Supports the R&D activities and innovative projects of corporations that create local added value by providing the ability to gain corporate R&D capability thus enabling them to contribute to universal technology. philogica is participating in the “Fatih Project” within this context.

Our involvement in this project consists of designing the project solution mainly on data warehouse, business intelligence related areas. philogica will also contribute to testing and quality assurance throughout the project. The following resource types will be provided by philogica:

  • Project Manager
  • Business Analyst (experience in pedagogy and behavioural science)
  • ETL and Information Delivery Consultant