Client Story for Current Accounts Transaction View

Client: HSBC Date: August 17, 2015 Category: , View Project

philogica Solution

  • All Current Account transactions have been consolidated into one model.
  • Transactions were classified in hierarchical order as Main Group-Group-Sub Group from banking perspective.
  • Overdraft usage amounts and remaining limits as well as remaining balance, commissions and tax payments are calculated for each transaction.

Banking Know-How

  • philogica contributed in defining KPIs and transactions classifications with multi dimensional analysis context.

Project Management

  • Managed with PMI methodology, all related metrics such as PV, EV, BAC, SPI, CPI calculated and published weekly. Project SPI value is 0,99, that shows delay rate is 1 %

Data Engineering

  • Database model has been designed according to standards, technical docs were prepared with correct tools, test queries were written to manage bug/fix process and used each version update to avoid duplicate tests.
  • At the end of the project about 150 test queries were submitted.


HSBC Benefits

  • Prior to this project, current account transactions could be analysed only on customer level individually, now current account transactions can be analysed daily, monthly and yearly.
  • Target de-normalised table provides various metrics that are essential for analytics in Customer Value Management.
  • Majority of these metrics could not be obtained before and the remaining metrics could not be obtained as simple as they can be obtained now.
  • Transaction based overdraft usage, remaining overdraft limit, remaining balance (as well as end of day balance) calculation are provided for the first time.
  • Transaction based commission and tax payment calculations are provided for the first time.
  • A vast variety of critical KPIs can now be monitored easily. Some of the KPIs are
    • Customers using their current accounts only for receiving salary payments.
    • Customers using their current accounts only for loan / credit card payments.
    • Waivers applied at branches on transaction commissions
    • Transactions triggering overdraft usage
    • Causes for end of day current account balance total increase or decrease in the bank
  • Data will be used for detecting target customers for campaign offerings or forming new campaigns. Results of these campaigns will also be easily monitored.
  • Data provides input for various what-if analysis scenarios.