Commission Management

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Under the scheme of Commission Management, philogica provides its clients the necessary technological and business framework to manage and administer compensation plans, quotas, crediting and adjustments for their sales organizations by processing commissionable transactions.

Especially in today’s telecom industry with margins becoming ever smaller, importance of effectively managing dealer commission costs – amounting up to 15% of revenue generating cost base – becomes more and more important. Operators must keep their sales channel networks motivated towards growth while reducing overpayments to sales channels, prevent accounting errors and minimize loopholes through which dealers and other channels can increase their income.

The challenge to make sure that incentives being distributed to the sales organization have the most positive impact requires effectively simplistic management of an increasingly complex environment. Read here about our success story with Avea – a leading GSM operator from Turkey.

A Data Integration Problem
While being mere calculations in the end, that these calculations are usually based on various data sources with various structures and complexities puts Commission Management in the heart of data integration discipline. Because data from various sources needs to cleansed, transformed and organized in a central model in order to provide a re-usable and robust base for various commission rule combinations to come.

Without thorough understanding of data integration, it is hardly possible to build efficient and sustainable commission management solutions.

R&D Efforts

To maximize the business value for its clients, philogica has been sharpening his project experiences with R&D projects under Turkey’s Technology and Innovation Funding Programs Directorate. Namely, we are quite excited about our soon to be announced work where we are developing a build-in analytics framework to complement our commission management framework to statistically assist Commission rule design phase.

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