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In business management literature, plenty of evidence is to find to suggest that staff augmentation for an organization’s IT functions can improve efficiencies, reduce costs and enable its management team to focus on its core strategies.  Indeed, in real life, the use of staff augmentation is increasing and organizations are becoming more reliant on having a network of staff augmentation suppliers, including software, service and training consultants.

Cleverly designed staff augmentation schemes can help organizations by providing more operational control, staffing flexibility, improved means for achieving continuity and better risk management.

As an service organization ourselves, mainly providing consultancy services to generate business value out of our clients’ data sources, at philogica we know how important it is to work with the right resources and how vital it is to keep turn over ratios low. That’s exactly where our many years in consultancy services play a big role: To pick the right resources and retain them.

With a vendor like philogica who has real time BI market knowledge, staff augmentation becomes also a strategic move to increase competitiveness – not only a cost reducing tactical move – by enabling parties to foster a mutually beneficial business partnership.

Read here about how philogica’s innovatively flexible approach to staff augmentation helped one of the biggest banks in Turkey.