philogica on Media's monthly publication featured our Zain IQ project in September issue

Client: Zain IQ Date: September 5, 2014 Category:

Philogica’s Challenging Projects in Different Geographies

Philogica serves customers in different geographies for years as well in Turkey.  Besides opportunity of projects like camping with the natives along the Lake Baikal in Kazakhstan,  We face many difficulties on the way.  Most challenging to us, our project conducted with a GSM operator in Baghdad.

Due to the anxiety and uncertainty in the region we have improved our  teleconference  and internet infrastructure for providing remote access. In İstanbul office we created the replica of the systems by using the sample data from customers.

We didn’t hesitate to go to Baghdad if it was necessary to talk face to face with our customers. In Baghdad we worked behind the high wall and in an isolated site. We take all precoutions  for comfort of work and private life. We witnessed the psychological problems of our colleagues  in Baghdad. We achieved this difficulties by making sports and emphasizing team spirit.

We can overcome even more challenging projects with the synergy  that we created.

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