Turkish Banks Association’s Training Partner

Client: TBB Date: April 24, 2013 Category:

The prestigious Turkish Banks Association is a legal entity with the status of a public institution. The purpose of the Association is to preserve the rights and benefits of banks, to carry on studies for the growth of the banking sector in line with the principles of open market economics and perfect competition and the regulations, principles and rules of banking.

Sharing Knowledge

As part of our Social Responsibility program, we have been supporting the Association in its training program where it aims to improve capabilities of workforce in Turkish banks.

4 years in a row, philogica consultants have been instrumental in providing trainings & seminars to audiences of different seniorities in Information management topics namely;

  • Business Intelligence Concepts in Banking
  • Advanced Business Intelligence Concepts in Banking
  • Data Analytics Methods in Banking
  • Data Modeling for Business Intelligence in Banking Domain

Filling an Important Gap

Especially nowadays where Information management topics like Big Data or Customer Analytics become more and more hype, we feel there is an important gap of common understanding that could be filled by creating a general awareness about Information Management concepts and opportunities as well as pitfalls they bring along. By helping TBB, we hope to contribute in better utilization of resources in association’s member banks.