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philogica’s long term partnership with Telia Sonera JVs continue in 2013

Client: TeliaSonera Date: May 15, 2013 Category:

TeliaSonera’s strategy is to deliver products and services that are tailored to our various customer segments and based on a deep understanding of their present and future needs. TeliaSonera creates shareholder value by delivering their services in a cost effective and ­sustainable manner, which leads to sustainable improved profitability and strong cash flow.

In order to realize this strategy, a decision support system was a must to implement. Within this context, Philogica and its consulting base has been involved in the process of exploring new frontiers with TeliaSonera’s JVs – Azercell, Geocell, Kcell, Moldcell and TCell – and generating timely and substantial business value since 2005. Philogica has provided the following services within the scope of business value generation services:

  • Assessment Services
  • Solution Architecture Services
  • Information Delivery Consultancy
  • Data Acquisition Consultancy
  • Project Management
  • Support Services

Through teaming up with philogica, TeliaSonera JVs are running their business at a much higher level of performance. The group companies have faster reaction time on the markets, and more visibility of relative strengths and weaknesses. There is better support for strategy planning, systematic analysis and decision making.

“TeliaSonera provides network access and telecommunication services that help people and companies communicate in an easy, efficient and environmentally friendly way.”

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