About Us

Thank you for wanting to know us.
We believe, however you interact with philogica, you will feel the difference. Because we allow all colors of life infuse into the way we provide our services. We push towards excellence. We are daring and just.

>> Meet our management team <<

Business Minded Intelligence


philogica is a competency center based in Istanbul, Turkey where we help our clients and partners in EMEA region in managing vast amounts of business data by delivering leading-edge solutions to harvest fast and informed decisions. By utilizing information management technologies at its best, we empower our clients in dealing with various business challenges and help them in creating value.


Excel Through Focus


Today’s business landscape looks much like a jungle. Competition is tough and each industry has its own challenges that can potentially arise in a heart beat. Keeping this picture in mind, our strategy dictates to dedicate ourselves to providing superior expertise in the complete spectrum of Information Management by staying focused on only Telecommunications and Financial Services sectors. Because this way, by distilling our wealth of project experiences, in addition to the rich technical expertise in Information Management issues, we leverage strong understanding of these two industries’ needs and challenges.

This not only allows us to speak our clients’ language, understand their needs, solve the problems they are already aware of but also show them new frontiers.


Visionary and keenly innovative


We are determined to serve you with the perfect combination of technical know-how, business expertise and wealth of theoretical knowledge.

Continuously we monitor best practices and new academic developments for our target industries allowing us to come up with pragmatic solutions that have a sound business foundation behind it.

We invest heavily in R&D to provide technological frameworks to answer some of the key challenges we observe in our target industries.


Your Trustworthy Partner


Trust is a key factor in our business. To provide an environment to allow trust to flourish, we foster highest ethical standards in every aspect of our business. philogica consultants behave as professionals upholding absolute integrity.

Remember; philogica is technology neutral; a principle we maintain with great care. This means, we are not obliged to favor one technology vendor over another but only to serve you by advocating our clients’ interests in our service domain and thus create uppermost value for them.


Committed to Mutual Welfare


No matter on which side of table you are – our client, our partner, a team member – we believe in creating long-term, win-win relationships. By energizing powers of enthusiastic cooperation, together we focus on execution excellence. We try to foster a positive environment where all the peers feel justly treated. Because we believe we will be only successful if our peers are also successful.


Human Friendly


Human capital is our only key asset – period.

Solving complicated business problems requires the most creative and highly qualified professionals with diverse work and life experiences. This is what we base philogica on to both grow  and deliver results of outstanding quality.  We view it very important to create a business surrounding where our people are happy and proud to be part of. philogica’s code book and  methodologies were designed to provide our people with benefits of a structured environment but also to let our people operate conveniently.

In philogica there is a little in the way of corporate hierarchy and everyone wears several hats. Our incentive and organizational schemes are designed to keep the team motivated, happy and justly awarded.

We view diversity in our people as the most vital aspect for creating an environment that fosters continuous quest for excellence and innovation through creativity. Looking at problems from different point of views, we share a structured problem solving approach, where all opinions and options are shared, considered, researched, and analyzed carefully. When the diversity comes together with teamwork and collaboration, we come to better answers.