Meet Our Management Team

  • Şükrü Gürsoy

    Cofounder & Director of New Ventures

    Şükrü Gürsoy is one of the co-founders of philogica. Since 2007 he has taken many roles in philogica from Solution Architect to Director of Operations and Finance to CEO, currently positioned as Director of New Ventures of philogica.

    In his own words he is “not a typical leader or manager but rather a figure to enable people to thrive and develop themselves, developing the organization as a whole”. Şükrü Gürsoy is more an entrepreneur and a growing leader, promoting creativity, encouraging curiosity in things new and exciting.

    Having started his career as a data intensive software developer in Confida, Şükrü Gürsoy has worked at Siemens Turkey in many positions ranging from Toshiba Call Center, Software Development, IT Service Management and Business Intelligence Consultancy.

    Şükrü Gürsoy studied at University of Portsmouth having been awarded a BSc in Internet Technology.

  • Levent Cebeci

    Cofounder & Chief Executive Officer

    Levent Cebeci, one of co-founders of philogica, has been serving as an experienced business leader since philogica’s foundation in 2007. Levent’s most recent roles in philogica are CEO, Business Development Principal and Program Manager in Business Technology & Information Management domains.

    In addition to serving on philogica management, Levent Cebeci contributes to DAMA Turkey Chapter (Data Management International) as Founding Vice President since 2011.

    Levent Cebeci began his career at Interbank in 1998 in Istanbul as Software Developer and played different roles such as Business Analysis, Project Management in Financial sector. He joined Siemens Business Services in 2005 for International Project Management for Telecom companies.

    Levent studied Computer Science in Istanbul University and holds an M.B.A. from Istanbul Technical University. He is a PhD candidate for Banking & Insurance in Marmara University, Istanbul.

  • Özgür Kuru

    Founding Partner

    As one of philogica’s co-founders, Özgür Kuru has been serving philogica since 2007 particularly in Product and Service Management domains. During this time, as part of his contribution to philogica management, Özgür oversaw service delivery efforts for philogica projects taking place at several regional powerhouses to ensure technical excellence. He also spearheaded Teydeb funded R&D efforts at philogica.

    Before philogica, Özgür has been instrumental in delivering Business Technology related projects in several countries through a variety of roles he has taken at Siemens Business Services, Koç.Net and Sirius Group Consulting.

    Özgür earned Master of Science degree in Engineering and Technology Management from Boğaziçi University and Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electrical Engineering from Istanbul Technical University.