Client Services

Client Services

After decades of investing in technology to automate business processes, companies today improve operational costs and competitive advantage by using Business Intelligence and Information Management approach to access and leverage the wealth of data hidden in their corporate systems.

The value to our client services is combining data management expertise with deep industry knowledge focusing on Financial Services and Telecommunications.

Philogica’s focus is to serve the clients for all their business needs regarding data-driven decision making.

Our services are consisting of three major lanes, which are perfectly aligned with each other to address the all data related business problems that our clients would confront.


“It’s all about people”

Philogica believes in that, X factor for data management domain is for sure how to cope with human capital.

Within Philogica, human factor is located on each and every corner of the core business model.


On behalf of our clients, Philogica seeks and attracts individuals with leadership potential, integrity, a sharp analytical mind, and creativity aligning with job descriptions.

Philogica directs and supports its clients about entire human cycle such as describing job qualifications, how to attain gifted individuals at hand etc.

Philogica has its own talent pool being enlarged routinely focusing on just data management professionals.

Staff Augmentation

With labour costs increasing it becomes difficult to recruit a team of well-trained engineers ready to take on a challenging project using leading-edge technology. With our experience of the IT market we can see that what our clients’ need is to find a partner that has access to a pool of well-educated, highly motivated developers and analysts that can deliver simple, clean solutions to complex problems.


With well-known partner institutions such as Bank Association of Turkey, Philogica provides technical and managerial trainings in context of data management.

Our approach is to build and maintain an eco-system around shared experience and know-how among data professionals.


No substitute for knowing an industry when it comes to address data-driven business challenges.

Rather than producing just a technical solution, we concentrate on a business-oriented solution emphasizing business requirements and value.

Philogica consultants with front-line experience ensure our clients’ success by utilizing our best proprietary knowledge.

All insight services being executed in light of ©Philosophy that is

Maturity Assessment

The assessment study mainly aimed to provide an insight about how far an enterprise has come in its Information Management journey, to suggest a direction for future development based on comparison with a selection of industrial best practices for insurance institutions of similar size and finally to propose a strategy

As a result:

  • Outlines of decisions, tasks, sequences, priorities, and guiding principles for accomplishing objectives
  • A broad perspective of the company’s ability to deliver the information required by business decision-makers in an effective and efficient manner
  • Quick identification of root-causes for delays, obstacles, waste

Based on assessment methodology, Philogica helps its clients in functions such as RFP/RFI preparation, technical writing and vendor selection/benchmarking.

Sales Performance Management

According to Gartner, Sales performance management (SPM) represents operational and analytical capabilities for automating and integrating the processes and functions for managing salespeople and making them more effective and efficient.

It has emerged from the sales incentive compensation management in response to IT leaders’ demands for improved optimization of sales processes, targeted expectations, market coverage and compensation to support revenue growth and influence critical behaviors.

On top of hands-on experience on field and co-operation with academical world, Philogica is able to provide a turn-key SPM solution to its clients.

Business Analytics

When you know which customers have the most bottom-line value to the organization —
and why — you can make better business decisions to enhance that value. You can develop marketing programs that deliver higher response rates, increase payback on up-sell/cross-sell efforts, identify unprofitable customers, target them for different programs or payment plans, and so on

In a perfect world, you would also gauge customer value in long-term context — understanding that today’s low-value customers might be tomorrow’s high-value customers.

With Business Intelligence system and behind-the-scenes analytical horsepower, you can compute the net present value of likely future profits from a customer — a veritable crystal ball based on statistical rigor rather than instinct and intuition.

When it comes to numerous failed business analytics projects, data preparation is the hidden root cause; hence Philogica’s analytics services are built on perfection of data integration.


Traditional operational and transactional systems haven’t done much to help providers assess customer value, because these systems can’t assemble a unified view of the customer across functions, business units and product lines.

An enterprise-wide Business Intelligence architecture resolves the issue — the problem of data all over the place. A cohesive data integration and analysis/reporting platform draws the relevant data from disparate systems around the organization, even from platforms that formerly couldn’t speak to each other.

Philogica brings different technical aspects all together with experienced force of consultants in the data management industry to help you design, implement, and maintain your data-related system.

Hadoop | MapR

The Apache Hadoop software library is a framework that allows for the distributed processing of large data sets across clusters of computers using simple programming models. It is designed to scale up from single servers to thousands of machines, each offering local computation and storage. Rather than rely on hardware to deliver high-availability, the library itself is designed to detect and handle failures at the application layer, so delivering a highly-available service on top of a cluster of computers, each of which may be prone to failures.

In cooperation with MapR, philogica is keen on providing Hadoop consultancy services when it comes to optimisation of Total Cost of Ownership

Data Integration

ETL and Data Quality consultancy are popular services in today’s business worlds. Due to complex IT systems without corporate-wide orchestration, data integration is becoming a pillar to be able to utilize underlying data assets in the enterprises

Philogica delivers powerful and proven technical solutions that bring together different data sources from across your enterprise to give you a single view of your business.

Data Warehousing

Philogica’s delivery team is is built to support the design and implementation of data warehousing solutions. From our methodology, to our services supporting strategy, we help with the, development, planning, design, implementation, support and enhancement of enterprise data warehouses.

Information Delivery

Speaking from experience that, old-school reporting approach is no longer valid to get better understanding of corporate business monitoring trends.

Operational reporting, Ad-hoc mechanism, OLAP, Visualization and Dashboarding are the main topics that Philogica provides consultancy services in different software suites regardless of technology.