Talent and Career Management

philogica hires individuals with leadership potential, integrity, a sharp analytical mind and creativity.

We look to hire individuals with leadership potential, integrity, a sharp analytical mind and creativity with willingness to work hard and smart.

We understand that what you earn and the benefits you receive have an enormous impact on your quality of life. Because we’re always competing to attract and retain the very best people, we continuously review our rewards strategy to make sure it’s the best it can be.

Gifted talents who come to philogica join people bound by a shared set of values and a culture of support, caring, trust, respect, and interdependence.

We provide them with unrivaled opportunities to succeed. This passion to help continues in our alumni, who remain connected to and engaged with philogica people.

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We are professionals

We comply with every rule our professionalism dictates us. We are timely – show up at work and meetings on time. We keep our promises. Do our best to comply with deadlines. No email remains unanswered. No missed phone call unreturned.


We work hard

Working hard is essential part of excelling in things we are doing. Our work requires our continuous focus. It’s tiring – yet we know this is the only way to remain among the best. We are determined to put enough hours in our work until we are satisfied with the outcome.


We maintain balance

Family is important. Friends are important. Spending quality time with them is vital. We are important. How we choose to relax defines who we are. We know – if we are not happy, there is no point of doing what we are doing. If we are not happy, there is no way that we put a good result on table. Our first and foremost ambition is to be happy.


We strive for growth

Continuous growth is how we exist. We have to keep growing in three directions. We have to keep growing personally – continuously observe and learn from mistakes. We have to keep growing professionally through excelling in what we do and learning new skills. We have to keep growing our company – keeping an eye on clients’ needs wherever we touch them.


We set example

We comply with local rules. We observe our surroundings but then adapt into it setting an example. We are the sharpest looking at any office yet still complying with existing dress codes at the client. We arrive at meetings on time no matter how many of our corespondents are on time. When with clients, no matter in which surrounding, we never forget that we are continuously representing philogica.


We speak up

Sometimes speaking your mind is tough. If we see real value for our clients or projects in it, we speak up no matter what. It’s ok to be completely wrong or ridicule yourself. We take the risk. Because it’s not ok to say “I was actually seeing that coming”.


We empathize

Yes – we empathize. Because we care about each other. We care about our other colleagues and business partners. We care about our society. We care about our environment. We pay our taxes; we prefer public transport whenever we can. We don’t pollute streets. We help people. We are dedicated to make our surroundings more livable.


We value diversity

Because real value comes from embracing diversity. Look at all the great empires in the world history.  They all have one thing in common: They knew all how to embrace, value and utilize contributions coming from diverse sources. Our differences are our richness. We are aware of them and learn to love them. After all, this is the only path to true happiness.


We are consistent

Our actions correspond with our values. We are determined to live in this company in compliance with these values listed above.